8 CMSA alumni have started their own self-sufficient group of mentors dedicated to giving advice to CMSA seniors. This group of leaders started mentoring in 2019.

Abenazer Mekete

Junior at Cornell University

Major: Computer Science & Economics
Career Interest: Tech Entrepreneurship 

Roshaan Siddiqui

Junior at Wesleyan University

Major: Computer Science
Career Interest: Software Engineer

Shagufta Khatoon

Junior at Northeastern Illinois University

Major: Biology and Chemistry
Career Interest: Pre-Med

Eric Catalan

Junior at Marquette University

Major: Mechanical Engineering
Career Interest: Manufacturing

Samantha Garcia

Junior at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Social Work and Latina/o Studies
Career Interest: Counselor or therapist

Sabah Ibrahim

Junior at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign

Major: Computer Engineering
Career Interest: Software Engineering

Ethan Schreiber

Junior at Illinois Institute of Technology

Major: Applied Mathematics
Career Interest: Risk Management

Elijah Olasunkanmi

Junior at Washington University in St. Louis

Major: Computer Science and Operation & Supply Chain Mgt.
Career Interest: Product/Program Management


  • A college career goal that I have is going on an engineering mission trip to build a pedestrian bridge in an underprivileged Guatemalan village with an organization called Engineers Without Borders. Another college career is to hopefully secure an internship for the Summer of 2021 in Milwaukee, Wisconsin or in Chicago, Illinois. After I graduate college, I want to get an entry level engineering job at a local engineering firm and make my way into graduate school once I find my engineering passion.

    Eric Catalan
    CMSA Mentor
  • My mentor answered the questions I have in depth and gave me clarification when needed, and I could relate to my mentor in terms of career field and have me good tips for my college year.

    Mentored by Eric Catalan in 2019
  • My mentor is in the same field I wish to enter and I knew of her as we did go to the same school. I feel she can be of great service to me as I transition from high school to college.

    Mentored by Shagufta Khatoon in 2019
  • I want to be with the same mentor because he graduated from my high school and I knew him before he graduated so we are acquaintances and we can communicate better.

    Mentored by Elijah Olasunkanmi in 2019