December 12th - Online Medical Careers Workshop
Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program

As part of the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program, this online medical careers workshop prompted the 11 participants ask questions to gain insight and knowledge into careers in the medical field. The presenter was Dr. Edgardo Vargas, Doctor and Owner of Pro-Holistic Chiropractic & Acupuncture. 

The workshop covered the following questions:

  • What characteristics and experiences would I need to be in a medical career?
  • How do I know which medical career is for me?
  • What are some ways I can get actively involved and stay involved in organizations or hospitals?
  • Is there a way to prepare for Med School?
  • What kinds of study habits that I should build up as I am entering into Med school in order to be on top of things?
  • What steps, exams, degrees to get in order to become a specialized nurse e.g pediatric nurse, nurse practitioner and even regular nurse?
  • Could math majors pursue a medical degree?
  • What are some ways to offset the cost of medical school?
  • What is your favorite thing about your job?
  • What is the most challenging part of being a doctor?
  • What kinds of professional development do you do as a doctor?
Meet the Workshop Presenter