April 13 - Future Legacies Stress Management Workshop
Future Legacies Program

As part of the Future Legacies Program, we hosted an online workshop on stress management. In this workshop, Cami and Amy walked students through an interactive presentation on stress reduction and management techniques. They provided education on how stress presents within the body and the mind, the importance of creating routines that balance work and play, and how interpersonal and intrapersonal connection can provide stability as an individual transitions into new life stages. Throughout, Cami and Amy engaged students in experiential learning, actively taking the group through a variety of stress management and reduction techniques that arise from their unique professional backgrounds. The intention of this discussion was to provide students with concrete tools, practices and resources for managing stress through their upcoming transitions.

About 16 Future Legacies participants from high schools in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio attended this workshop.
Meet the Workshop Presenters