December 11 - Future Legacies Stress Management Workshop
Future Legacies Program

As part of the Future Legacies Program, Dr. Jennifer Laffier from Ontario Tech University hosted an online workshop for high school seniors on stress management. 

Workshop Description: Heading off to college or university can be both exciting and scary at the same time. There is so much to do, to prepare for, and so many changes. This adjustment period, and the first year of college, can challenge our mental health at times causing stress, anxiety and even sadness. It’s important to put in place coping strategies to support our mental health. In this session we will talk about typical challenges 1st year students encounter and strategies to prepare yourself for those challenges. We will also explore things you can start to do now to ensure you feel mentally, socially and emotionally ready for a fantastic journey. 

This workshop was meant to prepare students for change and challenges in their first year of college. Over 30 Future Legacies participants from high schools in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio attended the workshop. 
Meet the Workshop Presenter

Jennifer Laffier, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor & Licensed Psychotherapist