May 3 - Future Legacies My Professional Persona Workshop
Future Legacies Program

As part of the Future Legacies Program, we will host an online workshop on professional persona. In this workshop, Joseph Gurreri will speak to program participants about the value of their ‘personal brand’ and how that speaks on their behalf, even before they enter the room.

Me, Myself, and My Professional Persona: Before you can effectively network, you must introduce yourself as an interesting and memorable resource.  We’ll discuss how you identify your ‘why’ and ensure that your social media personas, resume, and introductory ‘elevator speech’ must be interesting and memorable for the right reasons.

Future Legacies participants from high schools in Indiana, Illinois, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, and Ohio will attend this workshop.
Meet the Workshop Presenter

Joseph Gurreri

Certified Business Performance Advisor, Insperity