October 23rd - Future Legacies Online Communications Workshop
Future Legacies Program
As part of the Future Legacies Program, the Future Institute Program Officers hosted an online workshop on the following online communications best practices:
  • Emailing Best Practices 
    • Checking, sending, and replying to emails
    • Whitelisting important contacts
    • Professionalism
  • Zoom / Video Conferencing Best Practices
    • Preparing for a Zoom meeting/class
    • Video/audio settings advice
    • Participating successfully
    • Organizational skills

This workshop was meant to guide participants in their attendance of workshops during the program as well as give them the communication skills to carry into their classes and professional lives. Over 60 Future Legacies participants from high schools in Michigan, Illinois, Missouri, Indiana, and Ohio attended the workshop. 

Meet the Workshop Presenters

Iara Arai Aldape

Program Officer & Registrar

Nichole Pientka

Program Officer