Our Focus

Concept Schools DBA Future Institute is a non-profit educational organization governed by an independent Future Institute Board of Directors (as per resolution by the Concept Schools Board of Directors). 

Future Institute supports Concept high school graduates as they embark on the next stages of their lives in college and careers. We foster positive graduate outcomes by providing programs that offer educational, social and career-building workshops, opportunities, mentorships, and financial assistance.

All our programs are privately funded. We base our programs and make critical decisions based on data examined and produced by Future Institute Research Center


To promote Concept Schools graduates’ high school-to-college transition, college persistence, and career readiness by means of innovative, research-informed programs.


To build a better society by producing thousands of career-ready graduates poised for professional success.

Executive Summary

Future Institute provides continued support to almost 5,000 graduates of 12 Concept high schools across five Midwest states as they transition to college and careers. Concept Schools DBA Future Institute is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization. Future Institute works to address post-secondary issues through two areas: College Access and College Success.

Please contact myfuture@futureinstitute.us for the full business plan, if needed. 

Who We Serve

Future Institute currently represents about 5,000 graduates of the following schools across the Midwest: