The cost of college is daunting for most people. Taking out student loans to pay for school is also scary considering that the current collective student loan debt is over $1.5 trillion! However, scholarships are another way to pay for school. With scholarships, you don’t have to pay anyone back. Here are five ways to find scholarships that will ease the burden of paying for college!

Ask your counselor – Your school counselor is a great resource for helping you find scholarships, especially ones that you qualify for.

Check the library – The library has lots of resources for students to find scholarships. Ask a librarian if you need any help!

Scavenge a college scholarship catalog – Catalogues like SnAP help students find scholarships to apply for. To begin, you would fill out a general application that includes information about you. This general application then matches you up to scholarships you can qualify for. Some of the scholarships are internal which means they only students at the university can apply for them but there’s also lots of external scholarships you can apply for.

Check locally – Religious communities, local organizations, and even employers may offer scholarships for students. Make sure you ask around to see if there are any you can apply for. A great thing about local scholarships is that there is usually less competition for them.

Online scholarship websites like Fastweb or CollegeBoard – It’s always great to look for scholarships online. My friend got one just for being able to write with her left-hand. You can honestly get a scholarship for anything!

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