It’s May and you may be thinking “I’m graduating from college, now what?” Hopefully this isn’t your first thought about your future after college, but you may not be sure what to expect or even quite what to do once you’ve walked across the stage. With your diploma on your resume, you may think that’s all you need, and while it definitely will get your foot in the door, you need other skills and tools to start yourself on a good career path.

For your convenience and your post-final-exam exhaustion, we’ve compiled a playlist of videos to give you some tips and instructions on what comes next after you graduate from college. This playlist includes a special message to graduates, how to go back to living at home (if you were living on campus), how to make adulthood awesome, advice on rejection, tips on starting a business, and recommended books on surving adulthood. Click the image and press play for your crash course in post-college adulting!

Click the image below to learn more about what to expect after you graduate from college: