Are you nervous about graduating and finding a job? It’s okay to feel anxious and unsure about what the future holds after you reach a milestone. If you’ve already attempted all the advice that has been given on this blog and elsewhere, first just take a deep breath. It can be overwhelming when the unknown looms ahead, but you have to assure yourself that you’re doing as much as you can to plan for and achieve your future goals.

To boost your confidence, there is a TedTalk playlist called “The line between success and failure” that you can watch. Some of the TedTalks are philosophical, some of them are about first jobs, others are about drastic career changes, and uplifting stories about failure leading to success. All of them speak about personal and universal journeys that everyone embarks on, which means that you too will thrive past this difficult point in your life.

If you’re looking for a more digestible form of advice, check out this video on “How to Be More Confident.” Want to gain some inspiration for your life? Find and read an article in the Thought Catalogue website’s “Self-Improvement” category.

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