Recruiters spend on average six seconds reviewing a resume. This means, your resume has to compel the reviewer from the get-go, if you want them to keep reading. So, how do you do that? Below, we have some tips that will help you develop the perfect resume!

  1. Don’t include high school activities – Generally, avoid putting your high school activities on your resume. Since space is so limited on a resume, you want to list what you are currently up to or what you have most recently completed. Focus on skills related to the position you are applying for. Of course, if you’re currently in high school, include the activities.
  2. List relevant skills – like mentioned previously, list any relevant skills that you have that relate to the position you are applying for. Also, include any leadership positions or awards you have won that helped develop that skill. Employers want to see your qualifications and this will prove you are prepared to do the job.
  3. Learn about different types of resumes – Did you know there are different types of resumes? The functional, chronological, and combination are the three main ones. Each resume type is meant to accommodate your skills to make you appear like the best possible candidate.
    1.  The Functional Resume prioritizes knowledge and skills of a potential employee. 
    2. The Chronological Resume is the most popular, featuring a reverse-chronological timeline of your positions.
    3. The Combination Resume combines elements found in the functional resume and ones found in the reverse-chronological resume.
  1. List your achievements – Don’t be afraid to brag, list your awards! They’re important and you deserved to earn them. Make sure your potential employer knows of your successes. Beyond just awards, make sure you clearly list leadership positions that you have held, and any volunteering you’ve done.
  2. Proofread – Before your resume is complete, make sure to proofread it. Double check your titles, your format, and your dates to make sure that everything is consistent and correct.

A resume is one of the first steps to finding a job or landing an internship so make yourself stand apart from other applications! 

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