It can be really hard to study only one subject for four years. Although it’s a subject you’re really passionate about, there might be other subjects you’re passionate about too. Thankfully, college offers students the chance to double major! While this may sound like a great idea, there are several things to consider when taking on two majors.

Will I be in School Longer?

When you’re doing a double major, it’s important to plan out a four-year schedule early to avoid spending more time in school than you have to. Although Del Rossi from reports that her team, “found no evidence that people with double majors spent more time in college,” it’s important to note that students who pursue double majors often visited advisors and have four-year plans in order to graduate on time. With that said, you should consider how many credit hours you’re capable of handling each semester. To be considered a full time student at most schools, you need to take at least 12 credits a semester. However, most students take between 15-18 credits each semester in order to graduate in four years. If you are able to fit additional credits into your schedule for a second major, you should consider taking it on. However, if you are taking on too many credits, you might find it will take you longer to graduate.

Do I Need a Second Major?

When pursuing a double major,  decide why you’re doing it. Is it essential for your ability to get a job? Or is it something you just want to put on your resume? A second major should complement your first major, it should enable you to be a well-rounded student with skills that will benefit you during your job hunt.

Will a Second Major Increase my Tuition?

It’s important to check whether it will cost you more to pursue two majors. This is entirely dependent on your school. Make sure to discuss potential costs of a second major with your advisor.

Can I do a Minor Instead?

If you’re iffy about doing two majors, you can always consider doing a minor! The great thing about doing a minor is that you wouldn’t need to take as many classes as a major requires. Additionally, a minor will still allow you to learn about a new subject, but it takes up less time.

Will I Miss Out on Extracurricular Activities or Study Abroad?

By doing a double major, you have to be prepared for more coursework. You may have twice as many tests and papers when you do a double major. With the added responsibilities that come with a double major, it is likely that you will have less social time and less time to dedicate to extracurriculars. You may also miss out on opportunities such as study abroad and internships because of the additional core curriculum courses that you will need to fit into your already full schedule. So, when deciding on a double major, make sure to be aware of what you might miss out on.

Overall, a double major is something to give serious thought to. Remember to ask yourself: why am I doing a double major?

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