A semester might only be fifteen weeks long, but the stress you feel during that time might have made the semester feel like it’s been a year. So now that it’s break, it’s time to treat yourself! If you forgot how to relax after a busy semester, here’s a few ideas on how to unwind over the next few weeks.

Play some video games – I spend a lot of time during break playing Sims, NBA 2K, and NHL. It’s a great way to forget the stress of the semester.

Go to the movies There is nothing like the smell of buttery popcorn and a dark movie theater to help you feel relaxed.

Hang out with friends – Have a sleepover or simply catch up! There’s no school tomorrow so you don’t have to worry about doing homework!

Visit free attractions – Check out a list of museums or zoos that offer free admission. Who wouldn’t love to spend the day looking at baby monkeys!

Binge watch a new show – Or, rewatch your favorite show!

Before you know it, you’ll be back in school. Take advantage of your downtime and do something you won’t have time for when the semester starts back up.

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