Are you a college student seeking an internship for the summer? That’s a great step in kickstarting your career while you’re still earning your degree! You may know that finding an internship to gain experience in the field that you are earning your degree in is a huge accomplishment, so make sure that you gain as much value from it as you can. We have some extra tips and advice about applying to and starting your first internship. 

1. Look Professional
If you’re not sure what to wear to your interview, this other blog post will definitely help you put together a professional outfit. For your first day on the job, make sure that you ask your hiring manager or human resources representative about the daily dress code. If your interview was in the workplace where you will be working, pay attention to what other employees are wearing to get a good idea of the dress code as well.

2. Know Your Schedule
What are your hours? What is your start time? Make sure you’re there at least a half hour before you’re expected on your first day. You may wait around, but you should be early and ready to go!

3. Know Your Rights
Is it a paid or unpaid internship? How much are they paying? What kind of experience are they offering? Check out this article to assess what you are entitled to at your internship.

4. Transportation
Is this internship on campus or near your home? Do you need access to public transportation or a car? Be sure to figure this out before applying and accepting an internship. If you can’t get to the location, then the internship won’t work out for you. 

5. Expectations
Be sure that you are clear about what is expected of you as an intern with your manager and with the human resources representative. Don’t hesitate to go over your job responsibilities in detail. This internship is a learning experience, but you want to know what you will be doing on the job. 

6. Networking
Whether your internship is a few weeks long or the whole summer, be sure to get to know your co-workers. You never know who could help you in the future! Impressions are everything, so make sure you are friendly and professional with everyone at the workplace. 

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