If you’re a student who wants to travel around the world, a study abroad program is the perfect opportunity for you! Study abroad programs allow you to take courses related to your degree while in a foreign country. Here are some facts to consider as you decide whether study abroad is right for you!

  • Deciding on a time period- When deciding what semester you want to study abroad, keep in mind that you will be away from home for anywhere between a month to three months. Consider any birthdays or holidays you might miss when choosing the time period of your study abroad program.
  • Location- one of the most popular study abroad locations is England! Pick the location you would most like to visit when choosing your program.
  • Create a budget- Consider how much money your study abroad will cost. Other than just tuition, think about how much food will cost or how much you want to spend on souvenirs. Apply for scholarships and seek out organizations or companies that offer funds to students planning to study abroad.
  • Make sure credits transfer- Your time is valuable so make sure that the classes you take during your study abroad count towards your degree. Your advisor should be able to help you choose classes that will transfer.
  • Find work abroad- Check out internships or volunteer opportunities that you can complete during your study abroad. Not only are these great ways to immerse yourself in the culture of the country, but it will also look great on your resume!
  • Housing- Do you plan on living in the dorms, renting an apartment, or doing a home-stay? Consider the cost of each and, check with your school on the housing options they offer.

Study abroad programs are a great way to take advantage of what college has to offer! So, as you prepare for your study abroad, keep in mind some of these tips!

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