The job market is always changing. Jobs that will exist in 10 years likely don’t exist today. According to a study done by the World Economic Forum, 37% of the projected new job opportunities will be in the care economy. Here is a list of jobs that are predicted to be on the rise in the next decade.

Sales, Marketing, and Content

The study projects a 17% increase in jobs in this field. Some jobs include service sales representatives, and business operation specialists.

Data and AI

It’s hard to find a person who does not have AI at home. Siri, Alexa, Google? I think it’s safe to assume that everyone has heard of at least one of these AI’s. Thus, it’s not surprising that the study projects a 16% increase in this field. Jobs include machine learning engineer, data scientist, and algorithm developer.

Engineering and Cloud Computing

The field of engineering and cloud computing sees a 12% increase in jobs over the next decade. Jobs in this field can range from systems software developers to applications software developers

People and Culture

 Lastly, the study sees an 8% increase in jobs in people and culture. Jobs in this field can range from lawyers to physicians, surgeons and registered nurses. In fact, according to the Business Insider, the registered nurse field is supposed to see the biggest increase in jobs as jobs jump.

Overall, it’s important to always be developing our skills and to be staying in touch with the job market. We don’t know what the economy will be like in 10 years. By developing our skills, we will be able to adjust to the new jobs that will present themselves.

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