You did it, you’ve gotten halfway through the semester! But, midway means midterms. Midterms can cause lots of stress, especially if you have several exams or presentations within the same week or even the same day! To help relieve some of the stress, check out some of our tips!

1. Study early – If you know you have multiple tests or presentations within the same week, start studying ahead of time! Studying early and often improves information retention and helps you feel better prepared!

2. Find study guides or past tests – Some professors provide students with study guides or exams from a previous semester, which can be helpful study resources. Others will solely test students on the information presented in class lectures or slideshows. Sometimes, there’s no need to memorize your textbook. Remember to study smarter, not harder!

3. Visit office hours – If you’re having a particular problem with a subject, don’t hesitate to visit your professor during office hours! Make sure you do this early, not the day before the exam!

4. Get lots of rest – Don’t cram the night before the test; make sure you get a good night’s sleep instead. I have this rule where I don’t allow myself to study the morning of an exam because it tends to stress me out more and, as a result, I start second-guessing what I already know. So far, this technique has helped me remain confident during exams and I have found that I score better on exams when I trust my knowledge of the material.

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