You’ve got your diploma, you wore the cap and gone, and now you’re focusing on finding a job. Perhaps, you need some quick tips for elevating your job search after college. There are many easy strategies to help you in your job hunt post-graduation. Take a break from scrolling through job websites and take a look at this advice-filled post.

1. Revamp Your Resume
Revamping your resume can take as little as two minutes! Delete anything about providing references on request because the hiring manager will ask for them. You also don’t need a career objective — why else would you be applying? Include your last name in the file name for your resume for ease of access for hiring managers sorting through files. Lastly, your address isn’t important to include since companies may weed out candidates who have long commutes.

2. Join Your Alumni Network
Most colleges have alumni networks and joining your college’s can put you in touch with successful alumni that may be looking to hire graduates from their alma mater. Some alumni might give good job-hunting advice for your career path as well.

3. Update Your Social Media
It’s a reality that hiring managers check social media accounts of candidates. Social media might not be as valuable as your resume, but it’s important that your social media accounts are updated to reflect your current status. This is especially important for career-oriented platforms like LinkedIn where hiring managers may contact you or look at your profile. We recommend also being aware that your posts on social media can be seen by potential employers, so don’t post anything you don’t want them to see.

4. Find a Staffing Agency
There are agencies in larger cities that provide career, staffing, and hiring for recent college graduates like Avenica. These companies assist recent graduates with locating and preparing them to be hired at an entry-level job and build their careers.

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