Everyone needs a little R & R, especially college students. We don’t mean the typical R & R that you think of around spring break, but for us it stands for “Resumé and Relax.” While we know you want to rest during spring break, you should make use of your time off to be prepared for your career after you graduate or even for apply for summer jobs. This means that you should have an updated and stand-out resumé!

We have some advice to make your resumé standout on any employer’s desk:

1. Don’t use an objective
While it seems to be standard practice to include an objective statement on your resumé, it’s more about your intentions than the employer’s. Therefore, instead, you can include a small profile section that shows your value to the potential employer. Think of this as a short description of your best qualities!

2. Be a little creative
As a college student, you might not have too much related experience to fill out your resumé. The trick is to use whatever experience you have towards your advantage by employing some creativity. We don’t mean lie, but highlight the skills and achievements you learned and earned during your experiences that may not seem too relevant. Doing this shows the employer how you can be a valuable employee without as much relevant experience. 

3. Be brief but specific
Think about how many resumés that employers read while in the hiring process — it could be in the hundreds! This means that they are not going to read paragraphs of information about your experiences. Use bullet points and sentence fragments — that’s right, no need for full sentences — and always start each bullet point with a bold verb. Some examples include: executed, performed, oversaw, contributed, etc. 

4. Proofread and formatting
Be sure to proofread your resumé at all stages of the finalization process. Get a parent or friend to read it over for any glaring mistakes. Additionally, formatting is important, so be sure to a readable font and to have headings stand out in bold or italics. If you’re still doubting your resumé’s perfection, trying going to the career center at your school.

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