We’ve talked here and there about resumes in the blog posts, but it has been focused on gaining experience for your resume. Another important aspect for your resume and your career in general is acquiring and demonstrating soft or transferable skills. These are skills that you can use in any career field and that can put you ahead of the competition. In other words, these are skills that prepare you to be mentally fit for your job.

Some of these soft skills include:

  • Communication: listening, public speaking, negotiating, and writing
  • Critical Thinking: creativity, flexibility, problem solving, and innovation
  • Leadershipdelagating, conflict management, motivating, and mentoring
  • Positive Attitude: confidence, cooperativeness, friendly, and respectfulness
  • Teamwork: collaborative, empathetic, interpersonal skills, and self-awareness
  • Work Ethic: dedication, organization, persistence, and trainable


You’re probably wondering how you can demostrate these soft skills on your resume. The best way to incorporate soft skills into your resume is to use the terms when you are describing your experiences as well as adding them to your cover letter. Be sure to read the job description that you’re apply for and use some of the skills they include there. 

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