Interviews are a big part of #adulting. You will go through an interview process whether you’re applying for a job, an internship, or sometimes even certain schools or programs offered by the school. It’s normal to be nervous, but hopefully with our tips, you can feel better prepared for your interview!

  • Practice, practice, practice! – Talk to yourself, to a mirror, or to a friend willing to practice your interview with you. By practicing how to introduce yourself and how to answer questions, you will feel better prepared for your interview.
  • Be familiar with the internship or job you’re applying to – Know some facts about the company or business before going to your interview. You’ll feel better prepared when answering questions and you can impress the person interviewing you by slipping knowledge of the company into your answers.
  • Dress to impress – If you’re doing a face-to-face interview or an interview via video call, make sure to dress professionally. You should look like you already got the job because when you look good, you feel good.
  • Be early! – If this is a face-to-face interview, arrive at least ten minutes early to your interview. Consider possible traffic or even difficulty with following the map directions. It’s important to not feel rushed when getting to your interview. Arriving early will give you a few minutes to prepare and gather your thoughts. 
  • If you’re doing an interview over the phone or via video call, set up early. Make sure there are no distractions around you and, if you are not alone, let people know to stay quiet during the interview.
  • Follow up – after your interview, email the person that interviewed you and thank them for their time. Include one or two things you might have forgotten to say in your interview and state again your interest in the position. Do this within 24 hours of your interview.

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