If you’re reading this, give yourself a pat on the back because it means you’ve completed your first semester of college! The good news is that your second semester of college is always better than your first semester and here’s why:

You’re used to the campus layout– You know how long you can sleep in and how long it takes you to get to each class. You’ve probably even figured out all of the shortcuts that will get you to class faster!

You’ve built your friend group– You probably even have classes with people you know now so you can arrange study groups!

You’ve worked on your time management skills– Sure, maybe they can still use some work but you probably know how much time it will take you to write an essay or lab report now. This should reduce the amount of all-nighters you pull!

You know the commuting schedules– You’ve downloaded the apps and you know which buses are always late, even when they’re supposed to be “due.”

However, as you go into your second semester, you’re probably starting to take more upper-level classes which means harder coursework. While upper-level classes might seem scary because they’re not intro classes anymore, when you’re studying something you love, they really won’t be as hard as you think. In fact, I’ve always preferred upper-level courses because I enjoy being able to focus in on the subject I am studying!

Good luck and here’s to a successful second semester! You’re halfway to summer break!

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