It can be difficult to choose a university. After all, this is going be your new home for the next four years. When deciding what school to attend, here’s a few things to consider:


Is the school too close or too far from home? Or maybe you want to consider the weather. Do you want to trudge to class through 12 inches of snow or would you prefer that it was always sunny and warm? Are you going for a small town feeling or do you want to go to school in a big city? While it may not seem important at the moment, location is a huge factor in determining whether or not a school is right for you. 


Will you be taking out student loans or relying on scholarships? Is the school worth the price or can you get a similar education at a different school that costs less? The cost is very important when choosing a school because you don’t want to drown yourself in heaps of student loan debt.


Is the school offering what you want to study? How good are the academic programs at the school? Make sure to study the majors available at each school. Determine which program will offer you a quality education that will prepare you for a career.


Do you think you will fit in at this school? Browse the extracurriculars at the university. Find people you can reach out to. Many student organizations have social media pages. Additionally, look at factors that you find important, be it the diversity on campus or any religious affiliations.

If this school is supposed to be a home away from home, it should feel like home. Choosing a school can be scary but don’t worry, you will find one that is perfect for you.

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