Future Fund

Future Institute has initiated an exciting partnership with the Concept Young Scholars Program, CYSP, at Concept Schools for high school students. Future Fund offers an opportunity for high school seniors to build leadership skills in a structured program that assists with their transition to college and beyond. Future Fund is a prerequisite for the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) program. 


To be eligible for Future Fund, students must…
comply with CYSP gold level requirements.
complete 7 hours of Future Fund hours, outside of the CYSP hour requirement
stay active in CSYP during high school and Future Institute Programs after high school graduation
attend college/university or career program after high school


Benefits of participating in Future Fund as a senior include…
Up to $8,000 total for 4 years of continuous college enrollment upon entering the FLI program
Certificate of Accomplishment
Letter of Recommendation, upon request
Career-related Workshops
Mentor in a similar career field

College Fund

Fund for scholars who have completed all Future Fund requirements and commit to participating in the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) program for graduates, will receive $1,000 per semester ($2,000 per year) for every semester they are in college/university or a career program and FLI. 

Please note: Funds can be used for paying tuition and fees, books and other college/career related expenses or a combination of these as per the program officer’s discretion. Funds are only to be sent directly to institution, not individuals. 

Program Areas

See below for ways scholars can complete the 7 hour program commitment.

Junior Mentor Meetings

Future Fund scholars are paired with junior mentors. Junior mentors are Concept graduates who are current college students or have graduated with a degree. These junior mentors play a pivotal role in a scholar’s life by providing advice about college and careers.

To receive participation hours, scholars will be required to meet with their junior mentor four times over video conference on the My Future portal.

College & Career Workshops

Scholars must attend at least two college and career workshops which are offered online. Online workshops take place over Zoom Video Conferencing.

The upcoming online workshops for the Future Fund program include: public speaking, financial skills, entrepreneurship and interview skills.

Here are past Future Fund workshops for the 2019 – 2020 school year: 

Evaluation Interview

Scholars are interviewed by Future Institute program officers before high school graduation to evaluate their program participation and develop a post-high school action plan.

Interviews take place over Zoom conferencing and counts as the last hour of program participation.

Have Questions?

Iara Arai Aldape

Future Fund Program Officer