Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program

Future Institute offers Concept graduates the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI): a unique, comprehensive program that allows participants to prepare for their college and career goals by participating in various professional development opportunities and events as well as connecting with a professional mentor throughout the year and earning a college fund.

Concept graduates can join the Future Leaders Initiative after graduating and enrolling in college or pursuing a career program.


Any participant unable to fulfill the required commitments below by the appointed deadline will be disqualified from receiving the college fund. To be part of FLI, participants shall…
commit to a minimum of 16 hours over the academic year (8 hours per semester) of any combination of program areas
complete an annual career goals survey and annual program evaluation
be available for meetings, calls, or video interview with a program officer for an initial introduction to the program
respond to program officer in a timely manner and communicate if they cannot complete a program area
attend college/university or career program


Upon successful completion of the requirements each semester, participants will benefit in the following ways…
Professional development stipend for every Fall or Spring semester of continuous college/university or career program enrollment and FLI participation. See Professional Development Stipend information below.
Certificate of Accomplishment
Letter of Recommendation, upon request
Resume Building Opportunities
Career-related Workshops
Personal Life Coaching
Networking Opportunities
Transition Support

Professional Development Stipend

The professional development stipend can be used for educational materials, career advancement opportunities, program-related costs and fees, tuition assistance, or a combination of these as per the Future Institute Board and program officer’s discretion. Funds are only to be sent directly to institutions, not individuals. 

Please note: The amount of the professional development stipdent depends on the student’s participation in high school. Students who were part of Future Fund in their senior year of high school are eligible for more funds. 

  • Future Fund participants who have completed all program requirements will receive $1,000 per semester ($2,000 per year) for every semester they are in college/university or a career program. 
  • Participants who entered directly into FLI without participating in Future Fund will receive $750 per semester ($1,500 per year) for every semester they are in college/university or a career program. 

Program Areas

See below for ways participants can complete the 16 hour program commitment.

Participants have the flexibility to choose which program areas best suit their schedule and goals. The survey administered at the beginning of each academic year and the interview evaluation at the end of the year will guide participants in their college and career explorations and help program officers better support them. Once participation is confirmed, participants will be sent a schedule of their chosen program options.

Future Institute Road-to-Success Mentorship (FIRM) Program

FIRM pairs FLI participants with experienced professionals in their desired career field to help them set and achieve their career goals through real-world opportunities. Participants meet with their mentors over the MyFuture Portal, an online platform that allows their mentorship to flourish over video calls and messaging.

Junior Mentor

to a high school student

Junior mentors are FLI participants who are paired with a Future Fund participant (high school senior) and play a pivotal role in a high school student’s life by providing advice about the transition to college and other college-related support. This experience will prompt participants to look beyond high school and expand their understanding of college and career.

Junior mentors will meet with their respective participants four times over video conference on the MyFuture Portal.

College Liaison Program

College Liaisons are FLI participants who act as a support system for Concept college students to help them transition from high school to college and persist through to earn their college degrees. Most of the time, this means planning coffee meetings or providing campus tips/resources, and checking in with the other students. College liaisons can also visit Concept high schools to share their college experiences with Future Fund participants.

Student liaison positions are limited and are only available at select colleges and universities. View current liaisons here. 


SpeakPulse is a self-guided program which includes an app for participants who seek additional help with speaking and interview skills. SpeakPulse counts for 2 hours; however, it is strongly recommended for students with speech impediments or English Second Language learners. 

Volunteer Opportunities

Future Institute organizes and sponsors many events throughout the year including two symposiums for Concept high school students, panels with college students, and other opportunities. These are a great way to get real-world experiences and skills to include in resumes. 

Future Institute Road to Success Training (FIRST) Program

FIRST is a micro-internship program that establishes meaningful connections between successful companies and FLI college students to help set and achieve their career goals through real-world, structured training experiences. Micro-internships are short-term professional assignments that are 4 hours per month or 40 hours per year, depending on the company’s needs and predetermined schedule. 

Have Questions?

Contact the Program Officer

Nichole Pienkta,
Future Leaders Initiative Program Officer