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This web page is specifically for Future Legacies participants.
Read all the program procedures and info below!

In partnership with the Concept Young Scholars Program, CYSPFuture Legacies offers an opportunity for Concept high school seniors to build skills in a structured program that assists with their transition to college and beyond. Future Legacies is a prerequisite for the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) program. 

View the 2021-22 program booklet here.

View a quick 2021-22 Fact Sheet here.

Registration Process

sign up for CYSP as a Gold Level Scholar
complete the Future Legacies Application Form (found in the APPLY NOW box to the left) by October 1, 2021
complete the Initial Student Survey that will be emailed by the Program Officer upon program acceptance


communicate in an effective and timely manner by checking and responding to emails regularly.
complete 7 hours of Future Legacies hours plus the CYSP Gold Level requirements (32 hours total).


Benefits of you participating in Future Legacies as a senior include…
acquiring college, career, and life skills to be a successful adult and professional.
receiving a Certificate of Completion.
qualifying for the FLI Program offers up to $2,000 of financial assistance per year of continuous college/university or career program enrollment and FLI participation

Financial Assistance

Assistance for scholars who have completed all Future Legacies requirements, FLI Summer Bridge requirements, and commit to participating in the Future Institute program for high school graduates (FLI). The financial assistance offers up to $2,000 per year of continuous college/university or career program enrollment and FLI participation.

Please note: Assistance can be used for paying tuition and fees, books and other college/career related expenses or a combination of these as per the program officer’s discretion. Assistance are only to be sent directly to institution, not individuals. 

Program Areas

See below for ways to complete the 7 hour commitment for Future Legacies. Monitor your program status using your ConceptSIS account. Remember you must also work on the 25 hours in the other CYSP Gold Level requirements.

Junior Mentor Meetings

Future Legacies scholars are paired with junior mentors. Junior mentors are Concept graduates who are current college students or have already graduated with a degree. These junior mentors play a pivotal role in a scholar’s life by providing advice about college and careers. To receive participation hours, scholars will be required to meet with their junior mentor three times over phone call, video call, or in person (if possible) and complete the Mentor Meeting Log (with proof of meeting).

Students must complete each mentor meeting by the following dates:

  • 1st meeting: between time of pairing & December 31st 
  • 2nd meeting: between January 1st & February 28th 
  • 3rd meeting: between March 1st & May 6th 

Each junior mentor meeting with its completed and approved log will count as one credit of program participation.

College & Career Workshops

Scholars must attend at least two college and career workshops which are offered online. There will be at least one workshop scheduled each month. Students must complete the workshop feedback survey for each workshop to get credit for attending.

Each workshop with the completed feedback survey counts as one credit of program participation.

Progress Meetings

Scholars attend two quick online minute meetings with the Program Officer to evaluate scholar’s program participation, answer any questions, and encourage participation.

Each meeting counts as one credit of program participation.

Have Questions?

Iara Arai Kirchner

Future Legacies Program Officer