Future Legacies Program


In partnership with the Concept Young Scholars Program, CYSP, Future Legacies offers an opportunity for high school seniors to build skills in a structured program that assists with their transition to college and beyond. Future Legacies is a prerequisite for the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) program. 

BENEFITS of students participating in this program as a senior include…
receiving support when transitioning to life beyond high school
acquiring college, career, and life skills to be successful adults and professionals

Program Areas

Scholars must participate in the following program areas and the CYSP Gold Level requirements
to successfully complete the Future Legacies and qualify for the FLI program.

Junior Mentor Meetings

Participants are paired with junior mentors who are Concept graduates that are currently college students or have graduated with a degree. Junior mentor pairings are determined based on the participant’s career interest.

A majority of Future Legacies participants will be first-generation college students; therefore, junior mentors play a pivotal role in a participant’s life by providing advice and resources on college and careers that they might not have access to at home.

College & Career Workshops

Participants attend online college and career workshops. The workshop topics are determined based on student’s input such as what college, career, and life skills or information they would like to learn more about.

Workshops help with college and career preparation. The participants will receive insight from professionals and learn about topics that might have not been covered in their school’s curriculum.

Here are a few past College & Career Workshops:

Progress Meetings

Participants join two online meetings with the Program Officer at the end of each semester to evaluate their program participation, answer any questions, and provide program feedback.

Progress meetings offer academic and personal support. The meetings will help students enhance their communication with the Program Officer, improve their understanding of the program, and feel motivated to continue program participation.

Future Institute only manages the three program areas mentioned above. The CYSP Gold Level requirements are managed by the school coordinators and advisors.

For successful completion of the program, students must complete a minimum of 32 hours total.

Additional Requirements
  • Personal Development (extra-curricular participation, enrichment programs)
  • Community Service (volunteering, peer tutoring)
  • Physical Fitness (individual activities, team sports)
  • Educational Adventures (college visits, cultural exposure)

Have Questions?

Iara Arai Kirchner

Future Legacies Program Officer