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Future Institute and its programs serve 10 major midwest cities by supporting thousands of students’ transitions from high school to college and career.

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Both the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) and Future Legacies programs have mentorship components.
Junior mentors are FLI participants and other Concept graduates who mentor Future Legacies participants in their
transition from high school to college and career.
Career mentors are community members and leaders mentor FLI participants in their college degree and career

FLI participants also have opportunities to volunteer as part of the program, which we will be improving in 2020-2021.


CMSA Alumni Mentor Group

8 CMSA alumni have started their own self-sufficient group of mentors dedicated to giving advice to CMSA seniors. This group of leaders is working with Future Institute and the FLI Program to give back to their high school and current students. These alumni started mentoring in 2019.
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Look at what our alumni are doing now!

Harold Jones Quartey is a safety for the Kansas City Chiefs NFL team and a graduate of Horizon Science Academy – Columbus. On May 2019, he was the keynote speaker for his high school’s graduation ceremony and spoke about his experiences in high school, college and the NFL. 


  • You guys are doing great things for these kids out here in Columbus and you guys should continue to do it.

    Harold Jones Quartey
    Concept Schools Alum & Kansas City Chiefs Safety
  • I just wanted to tip my hat to the Future Institute and what it is doing for young people. I am just privileged to be able to be a part of it.

    G.A. Finch
    Parter, Hoogendoorn & Talbot, LLP
  • This was an opportunity for me to help and step up.

    Paul Levine
    President, PJL Financial Group
  • It may be rewarding for a mentee to have someone they can lean on, but believe me it’s just as rewarding for mentors. They learn as much from your mentees, frankly, as you do from the mentors.

    Charles Franklin
    Attorney & Owner, Franklin Law Group
  • I really liked being able to relay information to high schoolers as a mentor. My mentees were super grateful for the information I relayed and I wish I had someone give me this information when I was a senior.

    Martha Cibasu
    FLI Participant, Class of 2023, The Ohio State University
  • I enjoyed talking with my mentee. She had some really good questions about college and I did my best to answer her questions.

    Mehmet Fesli
    FLI Participant, Class of 2023, The Ohio State University
  • I love to try to help out people who were in the same situation as I was, and through the Junior Mentorship I was able to achieve that with my mentee. There [are] not many resources for people such as I and minorities in general and its a pleasure to help someone in need as well as one who seeks.

    Salvador Ortiz
    FLI Participant, Class of 2023, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • I liked talking to my mentee about her future goals and being updated on how senior [year] was going.

    Araceli Barrientos
    FLI Participant, Class of 2023, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
  • My current mentor, Martha, provided thorough advice to my questions. Her answers were genuine and not short one-worded answers. She helped me look for scholarships around my area and provided outside assistance for reading my essays if needed. The best part was she was a Horizon Columbus alumni, so I was able to personalize her experiences with mine.

    Afua Bonna
    FLI Participant, Class of 2024, Johns Hopkins University (Future Legacies Participant, Class of 2021)
  • Mentoring a high school student has really helped me with both personal and professional development. I was really excited to be able to help a student who was going through the same question and process as I did a few years ago.

    Lujayna Suleiman
    FLI Participant, Class of 2023, The Ohio State University