October 10th - Online Financial Skills Workshop
Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program

As part of the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program, financial skills workshop was hosted online by Giuseppe Longo, Senior Customer Support Representative for Morningstar Managed Portfolios. There were 16 FLI participants in attendance over two workshop sessions. The workshop covered:

The Essentials of Credit

  • What is Credit
  • How to get started
  • What is FICO
  • What/Who are Credit Bureaus
  • How to track your score
  • How to dispute
  • Best practices
  • Dangers to avoid

These are a few concepts that we will review, providing in depth understanding so that students receive critical information that otherwise is not discussed in detail.

Mr. Longo said his goal would be to provide the knowledge that he wishes he was provided at an early age to have a head start through understanding.

Workshop participants asked some great questions about how to build credit, how cash back works, and credit limits. 

Meet the Workshop Presenter

Giuseppe Longo

"Establishing Credit & Budgeting" Breakout Session Host