October 24th - Online Workplace Culture Workshop

Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program

As part of the Future Leaders Initiative (FLI) Program, a workplace culture workshop was presented by Nathan Misirian, President & Chief Idea Officer of Autumn Consulting. A total of 21 FLI participants attended the workshop and participated by asking questions and giving examples of their own experience with acting and speaking professionally.

Shagufta Khatoon and Temi Babarinsa Aderibigbe both gave examples of techniques they’ve used in professional speaking and interviews.

Lessons for Life – Speaking and Acting Professionally

Background: Students entering the workforce as an intern or a new employee are often unaware of the “unwritten rules” for speaking and acting professionally at work. Most students “know” there is a difference in communication style from being in school compared to working in a professional environment.

Purpose: This interactive and story-based seminar reveals the strategies and techniques to speak and act professionally at work. This seminar is designed for students or professionals who desire to grow and want specific examples they can apply easily.

The main topics that will be presented are as follows:

  • Greeting and Meeting Employees
  • Taking Notes
  • Dress Code
  • Presenting
  • Communications

Mr. Misirian wanted “participants who complete the seminar to see improved confidence and adapt more quickly in their new role.” 

Meet the Workshop Presenter

Nathan Misirian

March 5th Online Using LinkedIn Professionally Workshop Presenter