Brennan Hollenbeck

Financial Advisor, Mueller Financial Services

October 7th, 2020 Workshop Presenter

Brennan has over 10 years of experience providing wealth planning and financial advisory services to high-net worth individuals, multi-generational families, executives, entrepreneurs and their closely-held businesses.

Through observation and experience, he also recognized the challenges that some young professionals face in developing solid financial strategies. To address this, he developed Genesis Planning, a modern, streamlined, and interactive 21st century approach to financial planning for young professionals, new families, and even those simply looking for customized first time advice.

Whether helping clients invest their money or keep more of their money through tax minimization strategies, Brennan’s focus is on the following:
• Proactive relationships where clients are engaged in their plans and investments
• Deep understanding of his clients financial and personal goals
• Independent and objective advice
• Comprehensive and customized planning strategies
• Regular communication that fits your style and needs

A background knowledge in research and portfolio construction enables Brennan to help his clients understand and select various income strategies both heading into and during retirement. He believes that a client’s financial challenges, as well as their goals, do not have to seem complex or unattainable. He strives to help clients realize that long-term financial success comes from developing a sound financial plan first, remaining disciplined, and keeping to a well-defined diverse strategy.

He is currently working to obtain his Certified Financial Planner designation.

Brennan has also conducted the November 7th, 2019 Financial Skills and March 23rd, 2020 Financial Skills Workshops for the FLI Program.