Cesar Campos

Director of Financial Aid, East West University

"EYE Project" Breakout Session Host

Cesar Campos is the Director of Financial Aid at East-West University, a non-profit university located in the South Loop of downtown Chicago.  Cesar is a graduate of East-West University, where he received a BS in Computer & Information Science and a certificate as a Computer Programmer.  In addition, he also possesses certificates of completion from the Department of Veterans Affairs, ISAC Financial Aid Certification Program: State and Federal Scholarship, Grant, and Loan Programs, as well as ISAC Financial Aid Certification Program: Nuts and Bolts of Financial Aid.

Before graduation, Cesar began his specialization in all aspects of financial aid by participating in the Federal Work-Study program.  After graduation through this partnership, he became a Financial Aid Officer, which led him to serve in the current position as Director of Financial Aid. As director, Cesar manages a comprehensive financial aid program which awards federal and state funds to students.  He administers financial aid programs and services; receives, analyzes and validates financial aid applications.  He performs need analysis, determines eligibility and packages awards in accordance with federal, state, policies and regulations and Institutional requirements; performs R2T4 (Return to Title IV) calculations; monitors and reconciles Federal Work study program expenditures.  Cesar also provides leadership, supervises, hires, trains, and directs all professional staff within the FA unit. He creates and maintains the highest standards of integrity, advocates, communicates and works collaboratively with other departments and individuals across the university.  

Cesar participates in regional and national professional development opportunities, attends the annual FSA Training Conference and the ISAC Financial Aid 201 Workshop, to stay updated and informed of the latest federal/state policies and procedures.

“EYE Project” Breakout Session Description: 

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