Jon Rosenfield

Associate Director, Career Development Advising + Education at Loyola University

"Exploring Majors" Breakout Session Host

Jon Rosenfield is an Associate Director at Loyola University Chicago’s Career Development Center. He has been working in career development since 2010. Before joining Loyola University Chicago full-time in 2012, Jon worked as both a career counselor with Jewish Vocational Service and as an adjunct instructor at Adler University. In addition to his teaching and career counseling experience, Jon has years of experience with small businesses, in fields ranging from custom manufacturing to design and advertising. Jon earned his undergraduate degree from Drake University in Rhetoric and Literature, and holds an MA in Counseling Psychology from Adler University, as well as being a licensed clinical professional counselor. In his work with students and alums, Jon helps people to reflect on their own strengths, passions, and interests, as well as to develop strategies for career-research, personal-branding, and decision-making in an ever-changing labor market.

“Exploring Majors” Breakout Session Description: 

You might think that picking a college major is the same thing as picking a career or job, or you might worry that having a certain undergrad degree limits you to stereotypical career paths.  However, for many people and most careers, the connection of undergraduate coursework to eventual career path is not so clear-cut. This session will explore how school connects to career, as well as other ways outside of college courses to explore careers and determine pathways for your future.