Kenneth Gaines

Program Director, Department of Business Administration at East West University

"Time Management & Study Habits" Breakout Session Host

Ken Gaines is the Chairman of the Business Department at East-West University. He has extensive in classroom experience in instructing all levels of students but likes the 101 classes the most. He  has done extensive professional writing and speaking in the areas of computer science, adult workforce education, planning, mission and e-Learning. His interests lie in fraud examination, white collar crime, public corruption and forensic accounting. Mr. Gaines has worked in public, private and governmental accounting and political and management consulting. A strong of interest of his is international business as he has worked for an American company in Mexico. He has spoken at numerous professional conferences and has given many presentations on the above-mentioned areas particularly as they apply to Criminal Tax Practice and Procedure and Forensic Accounting.

Areas of focus include E-Learning, Operations, IT, Financial, Training and Development and Educational Administration, with over 30 years of experience. Mr. Gaines has a background in private, public, and governmental accounting, computer technology, higher education and e-Learning. He is an award-winning web site designer and development professional. Mr. Gaines has progressive operational and accounting management experience in the United States and Mexico. Additionally, he has done extensive professional writing and speaking in the areas of computer science, education, planning, mission and e-Learning.

“Time Management & Study Habits” Breakout Session Description: 

Do you struggle with time management and want to make sure you are on your A-game for college? Learn unique and different study ideas and time management skills for beginning students from a university professor with 35 plus years of teaching experience at all adult levels both in the classroom and corporate America.