Resume Fair at CMSA

Future Institute Leadership Committee hosted the Resume Fair at the Chicago Math and Science Academy [7212 N Clark Street] on Wednesday, January 17 from 6-8 p.m.

By participating, participants had the opportunities as follows:

  1. Had their business head-shot photo taken by a professional photographer
  2. Met the Leadership Committee and nearly a dozen experts across industries, including technology, healthcare, hospitality, marketing, business, social services, and more
  3. Attended a keynote presentation by Lynne Franklin, communications strategist and TEDx speaker
  4. Built their own resume in their choice of workshops led by experts in their respective career fields
  5. Had their new resume proofread and printed


Lynne Franklin
Keynote Speech on The Power of a Resume
Author of Getting Others To Do What You Want and TEDx Presenter




Charles R. Franklin
Franklin Law Group
*Workshop on Law Resume



Phil S. Krone
Productive strategies, Inc.
*Workshop on Marketing, Sales, and Management Consulting Resume



Edgardo Vargas
Pro-Holistic Care
*Workshop on Medical Resume



Eduard Babayan
Software Engineer
Bluepen Software
*Workshop on Technology & Engineering Resume




Ali Yilmaz, Ph.D.
Director of Human Resource Management
Concept Schools
*Workshop on Education Resume




Jessica Smith
Sales Manager
Representing Hilton Chicago, The Drake, a Hilton Hotel & Palmer House, a Hilton Hotel
*Workshop on Hospitality Management Resume