You can invest in the next generation by sponsoring Future Institute! Future Institute programs are designed to give students college access and college success. Read more on how you can support our programs below. 

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College Access - Future Fund

Future Fund assists high school seniors with their transition and access to college through meeting with mentors and attending college or career workshops. Participation requires a minimum commitment of 7 hours during their senior year. Upon their high school graduation, Future Institute further assist Future Fund students by transitioning them to the Future Leaders Initiative program for their college success where they receive a college fund for their participation. Read more at futureinstitute.us/future-fund.

College Success - Future Leaders Initiative (FLI)

The FLI program supports participants in their post-high school transition and through professional development opportunities during each year of program participation. Participation requires a minimum of 16 hours of commitment per year. FLI offers many options for participants to choose from such as: a mentoring program, a college liaison program, micro-internship opportunities, volunteer opportunities, college and career workshop, and more! Read more at futureinstitute.us/future-leaders-initiative.

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All contributions will be considered a charitable donation that is tax-deductible.